Body-bending behaviour recorded in Philodryas nattereri in the Atlantic Forest of Northeast Brazil

Jéssica Monique da Silva Amaral, Vanessa do Nascimento Barbosa, Sebastião Silva dos Santos, Frederico Gustavo Rodrigues França


Snakes have several defense tactics against predators, the body-bending behavior (bbb) is reported for only 17 species of snakes in the world. We present the first record of bbb in Philodryas nattereri in a coastal restinga environment in northeastern Brazil. This record seeks to fill in gaps about this behavior that is still little reported in snakes, we indicate the possibility of using the bbb for different strategies in P. nattereri. We hope that more work can be published on bbb in order to better understand this intriguing behavior used by snakes.


snake; defense tactics; restinga

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ISSN: 1981-8858

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