An overview of bibliometric indicators about endangered Brazilian Cerrado plant species

Emilly Layne Martins Nascimento, Paula Aparecida Costa de Abreu, Rayane Rodrigues da Cunha Silva, Rhewter Nunes, Flávia Melo Rodrigues


The Cerrado is an important Brazilian biome due to the high levels of endemism and species diversity. Due to anthropic actions and natural causes, the Cerrado also includes some species of plants threatened with extinction.  We perform a bibliometric survey of scientific information regarding a set of endangered Cerrado plant species to answer two main questions: i) How much is known about Brazilian endemic plant species in the Cerrado threatened with extinction?; and ii) When, by whom and where were scientific articles on endemic endangered Cerrado plants published? We identified and mapped science to a list of 117 endemic endangered species of Cerrado flora from 35 different families. A total of 151 articles were published with these species and indexed on the Scopus database. We found that even after more than twenty years of the publication of the normative instruction, little is known about these species from a scientific point of view.


Endemism; Flora; Savanna; Scientometrics.

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ISSN: 1981-8858

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