Thickened Water Ingestion in Healthy Men and Women

Dauana Cassia Alves, Roberto Oliveira Dantas



To assess, in men and women without dysphagia, the ingestion of thickened water as used in the treatment of patients with dysphagia. The hypothesis was that they have different dynamics of thickened water ingestion.


A sample of 34 men (mean age 36 years) and 49 women (mean age 33 years) were assessed. In random order, they ingested 100 mL of pure water and 100 mL of water with 1.2 g, 2.4 g, and 3.6 g of food thickener, containing maltodextrin, xanthan gum, and potassium chloride. It was measured the time they took to ingest the whole volume, the number of swallows, the interval between swallows, the ingestion flow, the volume in each swallow, and the self-perceived difficulty ingesting the water.


Women took longer to ingest the 100 mL in all the water consistencies and had less ingestion flow. Women ingested less volume in each swallow when 1.2 g of thickener was added to the water. There was no difference between men and women in difficulty ingesting the water. The greater consistency increased the time and decreased the flow of ingestion.


Water ingestion with different consistencies is slower in women than in men.


Drinking behavior; Deglutition; Sex factors; Dysphagia

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