Investigation of the relationship between emotional quotient levels and imagery in university students in Turkey

Ulviye Bilgin, Mergül Çolak, Emrah Seçer


The purpose of this relational study is to investigate the relationship between emotional quotient levels and imagery. University students, studying in the field of sports sciences (n=298), participated in the study. “Revised Schutte Emotional Quotient Scale” and “Sports Imaginary Questionnaire” was used in the study. In statistical analysis, Pearson Correlation analysis and Multiple Linear Regression analysis were applied. As a result, in this study it was found that there were moderate relationships between cognitive imagery and emotional quotient, low relationships between motivational specific imagery and emotional quotient, and moderate and positive relationships between motivational general mastery and emotional quotient. However, no significant relationship was found between motivational general arousal and emotional quotient. When the results were examined, it was found that the sub-dimensions of Cognitive Imagery, Motivational Specific Imagery, and Motivational General Mastery were significant predictors of emotional quotient level and explained 25.4% of the variance in emotional quotient.


Students; Emotional Quotient; Imagery.

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