Examine private school policies in Turkey in terms of public policy discipline

Erhan Örselli, Orhan İnal


The aim of this study is to examine private school policies in Turkey in terms of public policy discipline. In the study, private schools were examined in the context of public policy process analysis in five stages, "agenda setting, policy formulation, enactment, implementation, evaluation". Research data was analyzed through document analysis, which is one of the qualitative research analysis methods. The documents examined for the collection of data in this research consist of the Council of National Education, Government Programs, the law and regulations. According to the results obtained from the research findings; the establishment of private schools in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman Empire and it has been determined that this trend continued after the proclamation of the Republic, especially after the 1980s, when neo-liberal policies began to be implemented. In addition, it has been determined that the decisions of the Ministry of National Education Council and the Government Programs are effective in the formation of private school policies in Turkey. It should not be forgotten that the formulated education policies should not only focus on the increase in quantity, but also should be prepared to increase the quality in education.


Education; private school; public policy; education policy in Turkey.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18316/rcd.v14i35.10660


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