Factors affecting education for Vietnamese youth today

Nguyen Minh Tri


The development history of countries in any era shows that youth people always hold an important position and role in the development of society. Today, along with the promotion of economic growth, the opposing sides of the market economy, international economic integration, and the movements of ideas and foreign cultures have greatly influenced the mind: Thoughts, feelings, and responsibilities of the youth generation towards the task of national construction and defense. Therefore, more than ever, Vietnam must take care of the education and training of youth people so that they can truly be the main army in the cause of national construction and development; consider it one of the top tasks, because it is directly related to the future of the country. The article uses methodological materialism and synthesis of methods, analyzes, compares, and evaluates the factors that directly affect moral education for youth people, thereby proposing solutions to improve the quality of life in youth education to meet the national development requirements in the current period.


education; youth; international integration; globalization; Vietnam

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18316/rcd.v14i35.10662


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