Engineers' education in digital era

Nelson Roberto de Albuquerque Bezerra, Hamilton Miranda Junior, José Rodrigues de Farias Filho, Marlene Jesus Soares Bezerra, Matheus Freitas Brandão


 The Fourth Industrial Revolution has already taken around the world. Decision taking at industries is more and more dependent on new technologies and processes, which demand updating and adjustment of the engineering education. Through a systematized literature revision, this article aims to search, select and prioritize bibliographic sources which reflect relevant initiatives that may work as a reference for engineering bachelor´s degree courses. 50 most relevant articles were selected and analyzed from 4,333 articles published in the Scopus database. The results show the 10 main authors, the 9 main journals and the 10 main institutions among the 50 most relevant articles, as references in the analyzed sample. Regarding aspects for the improvement of engineers education, one can highlight PBL (Project-Based Learning), Competency-Based Education and focus on holistic education. This research may encourage reflection, awareness and improvement by the ones interested in the study of engineers' education, by integrating market demand, learners' expectations and academic excellence, in order to contribute to the growth of scientific and practical knowledge and of society technological development.



Project-Based Learning. Flipped Classroom. Competency-Based Education. Holistic education. Engineering education.

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